Cosplay Competitions

The Wyntercon Cosplay Awards.

The Wyntercon Spirit Award

This award is to recognise efforts made in by people in the East Sussex Cosplay Community for effort through cosplay, past winners have been nominated for:

  • Overcoming difficulties to progress cosplay skills
  • Charity Work and Fundraising
  • Community outreach and using cosplay to build their community
  • Cosplay work as a family.

If you know anyone who is outstanding through their cosplay please email your nomination to

We will need your nominees name, contact details, and the reason you are nominating them.


Cosplay Star Awards

The cosplay stars are our crafter awards, in 2017 we have the following categories:

Cosplay Star : Propmaster*

This is for scratch built prop in any medium

*You must be the maker

Cosplay Star : Master of Modification*

This is for a costume modified from everyday clothes and household items.

*You must be the maker

Cosplay Star: Fabric Build*

Your costume must be at least 75% cloth build made by yourself.

*(this can be entered by proxy if you have made the costume you can ask someone else to wear it, but you must be present for both entry and awards)

Cosplay Star: Solid Build*

Your costume must be at least 75% solid build made by yourself. (solid build fabrics are EVA, Worbla, Sintra, Papier Mache, Card, Balsa Wood, Metal, Foamex, etc)

*(this can be entered by proxy if you have made the costume you can ask someone else to wear it, but you must be present for both entry and awards)


The Top Two

(you must have made at least 50% of your costume to qualify for The Top Two)

Cosplay Grand Champion

The is the award for the “best in show”

Cosplay Champion

Runner up best in show


Fun in Costume

For this category you can have made, bought, begged, borrowed or modified your costume.This is all about having fun in costume with family, friends or on your own. Cosplay is for everyone and we want you to join in with us.


Adult Winner

Age 18+

Young Adult

Age 15-17


Age 11-14


Age 6-10


Any family pair or group must include at least one over 16 with any under 16.

Hero and Monster Pair

In line with this years theme we are inviting hero and monster pairs to enter for this special Wyntercon category.



You must sign up in the cosplay zone 11.00-16.00 Saturday, 11.00-12.30 Sunday.            We cannot accept entries outside this time, demand is historically high to enter the competition so please enter early to avoid disappointment. The queue will be cut off up to 30 min prior to entry closing to ensure those in the queue by this time are entered.

If you are signing up as a group or pair you must sign up together

You consent for your photo to be taken and used in association with the competition, Wyntercon and The Cosplay Club.

You must have either paid for or won your entry ticket to Wyntercon.                                We welcome Team members in the costume parade but you are unable to enter the competitions.

You must be present for the awards on Sunday afternoon or you will forfeit your place. (winners will be summoned to the stage three times and the failure to present yourself will result in your disqualification)

All costumes must meet the venues props policy, safety regulations and family friendly requirements.

You must credit any maker or commissioner who has been involved in the creation of your costume.