Cosplay Competitions

The Wyntercon Cosplay Cup!

Cosplay is a massive part of Wyntercon and we have some amazing groups from all over the country showcasing their awesome costumes, and we want you to get involved too!
The Wyntercon Cosplay Cup is a really great opportunity for you to sink your teeth into the amazing cosplay universe we have here at Wyntercon, and truly immerse yourself in a fantastical world of colour, costume and camaraderie! It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, there is something for everyone!

There will be a special gift for the first 15 to enter the cosplay competition each day so get in early!


Group photo of Wyntercon cosplayers taken by John Clarke-Semmens

Who can participate?

Anyone can enter the Wyntercon Cosplay Cup. The only requirement
is that you are in costume (kind of a no-brainer!) There are many categories:

  • The Wyntercon Cosplay Cup

    Ross buckley

    Ross Buckley, winner of cosplay cup 2015. Ross will enjoy a trip to the predator experience in Cumbria

  • Female Character
  • Male Character
  • Teens (12-17)


    Emma as Belle

  • Kids (5-11)
  • Family (any 17 and under plus a parent/guardian)
  • Worlds Collide Character (a cross genre character)
  • Own Character (a character of your own invention)
  • Group cosplay (3 or more from the same genre)


    3 princesses and a pink power ranger

  • Pairs (2 from the same genre)

    Prince and princess

    Amy and Sam as prince and princess

  • Most Magnificent Home Made Prop

    Buster sword

    Most magnificent home made prop?

Jawa in sandcrawler

Competiton entrant Jawa and sandcrawler
(Paper mache on a whole new level)

It doesn’t matter whether your costume is hand made  or store bought, it’s all about you being whoever you want to be! However, please remember that Wyntercon is a super cool place for families too, so keep your costumes appropriate.

We are also taking nominations for the Wyntercon Cosplay Spirit award. Please email using Wyntercon Cosplay Spirit in the subject line.

The Wyntercon Cosplay Spirit Award doesn’t have to go to a cosplayer, it can be anyone who shows support for the cosplay community or uses costume to serve their community.



You'll be able to meet all of the following special guests at Wyntercon

Alan Flyng