Community Gaming Area

Gem and her team from Fantasy Comic Emporium are running a busy zone with lots to see and do.

In the Community Gaming Zone, you will find;

Throughout the day, players will be given the opportunity to try out Dice Masters and Yu-Gi-Oh for free. Decks will be supplied for £2 deposit which will be refunded once the deck is returned. There will be helpful seasoned players on hand to help teach.

Fantasy and Comic Emporium Stand
As well as offering lessons and gaming events we will also be selling games and merchandise at our stand (please see staff here to borrow decks).

We will be selling merchandise, board and card games plus accessories. We will also be offering 20% off your first quarterly membership to Fantasy and Comic Emporium which entitles you to free gaming, snack concessions and special members only perks.

MTG EVENTS. All day Saturday and Sunday.
Pack Wars. £4.00. – For 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 players. Each player buys a booster pack, opens it face down, removes the token then shuffles in the land provided. Play best of 3 with a friend or a quick tournament of single game rounds between a group of friends. Players keep the cards from their boosters (please return land), and the winner will receive a small prize.

Mini Draft. £4.00. – 4 players needed.

Each player receives a booster pack, open it and take a single card, then pass the pack to the player on their left. Each player will then pick a card from the booster passed to them and then pass it on, this continues until there are no cards left. Each player then shuffles in the land provided and play commences. Round will be single games, the winner will receive a small prize. Players keep the cards they have drafted.

£2.00 Tournament (standard). – 4 players. Decks provided. 1 game per round. The winner will receive a small prize and all players get to keep their decks.

£2.50 Fight! – This is for 2 players. Take on a friend in a best of 3 MTG duel. Decks will be provided and the winner will receive a small prize and each player will get to keep their deck.

Draft. £15.00 – 8 minimum. Players receive 3 boosters which they will draft and then create a 40 card deck, land will be provided. Players will then commence a 3 round tournament, each round is best of 3 games. Players will keep the cards they draft, the winner will receive a prize.