NOT only is a life-size Jabba the Hutt at this year’sevent but we’ve also got magic and dinosaurs too!  And it’s all thanks to those terrific monster makers Dugg J Daynes and Dino’s & Dragons

We are pleased to have Dugg return to Wyntercon, exhibiting his Labyrinth-inspired works which promise some brand new creations.

Dino’s & Dragons is a family run business “where legends become reality” bringing a little magic back from the past. Come and see Dinosaur Dave, the walking baby T-Rex, 3.5m from teeth to tail and 2m tall. Highly trained, he won’t eat children (unless told to do so by his handler). But be warned: he has a fearsome roar! Meet Dave and why not also get a genuine fossil from their stand in the Wyntercon circus big top.


You'll be able to meet all of the following special guests at Wyntercon

Andrew Lee Potts
Actor / Director
No image of Dugg Daynes
Dugg Daynes
Artist / Prop Maker
Jon Campling
Actor | Death Eater in Harry Potter
Kit Cox
Author/Illustrator & Steampunk Personality
Professor Elemental
Entertainer | Musician & Steampunk Explorer


Trader & Pitch
Brighid Designs
 Costumes and Accessories
Dinos & Dragons
 Animated Dinosaur & Dragon, Fossils
Ratton School
 Student Art Display