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Wyntercon 2016 – Even bigger! Even better!


Customer feedback has just been amazing, check for yourselves. So many of our visitors felt this was the best Wyntercon ever and that the atmosphere was incredible.

From Harry Potter to Star Wars, from Doctor Who to James Bond our guests went over a storm again this year. Returning guests included Pam Rose, Julian Seager and Dez Skinn plus new faces including Ian McNeice, Jon Campling, Simon Fisher-Becker, Peter Roy and Sophie Aldred.

The cosplay competition had over 130 entrants. If you head on over to our Facebook page you will see all the wonderful entries.

Wyntercon 2015

Building on the success of its first extravaganza, WynterCon 2015 was bigger and, as social media everywhere seems to agree, even better than 2014! More traders, more exhibits, more guests, more fans and more fun than ever!

Cosplay continued to grow with many fabulous costumes, while cosplay workshops and seminars brought new people into their ranks for next year.

The full size replica of Tim Burton’s 1989 Batmobile wowed fans of all ages while the Iron Throne of Westeros proved a massive hit for everybody who had their photo taken sitting on it as PromoPhotomany a Facebook visual attests.

Attending artists proved so popular with their sketches for fans that within two weeks of the event, all of the tables for 2016 have already sold out – no matter how many more we attempted to cram in!

Many of our TV and film guests were so impressed with the show that they are already clamouring to return for 2016, bolstered by some new high profile guests that we’ll be telling you about in weeks to come. Watch this space!

Everybody agrees how much better organised and smoothly run this year was and as word spreads and experience grows, we look forward to 2016 being bigger and even better!


Wyntercon 2014 

WynterCon’s first year, 2014, was an overwhelming success. We took over Eastbourne for the Halloween weekend, attracted hundreds of special guests and thousands of visitors. We even bagged a couple of awards into the bargain. Here are some of the highlights of our inaugural year…

Spanning multiple genres, the 2014 convention put on a range of activities and special guest appearances, including:

  • Special guests from film and TV
  • A host of comic book artists
  • Charity auction
  • Laser-quest arena
  • RPG gaming zone
  • Halloween Masquerade ball
  • Cult movie takeover at the local cinema
  • Classic horror zone
  • The UK’s largest collection of Blade Runner memorabilia
  • Over 70 traders and exhibitions
  • Multiple Talks, Seminars and Workshops
  • A massive presence of cosplay and steampunk

The organisers for 2014

Andy Kybett

Co-founder and co-organiser for 2014, Andy has remained at the helm and continues to run the ever-growing Wyntercon show. For more information on him check out the about WynterCon page.

Catherine Herriott – Co-Founder & Co-Organiser 2014

Catherine is an eternal optimist who is most likely to be found gazing skyward, following tangents, singing her heart out or with her nose in a book. Quirky to the core, Catherine inhabits her own little geekdom full of fairy tales and fantastical worlds and has immersed herself in alternate realities ever since she discovered Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz as a child.

She had spent the past decade working in the London charity sector until the sea called her home again to Eastbourne where she set about becoming a professional event producer. WynterCon was the product of a lifetime of fandoms and geekiness and was an opportunity for Catherine’s passions and skills to come together in co-founding an amazing home for the South East convention community.

For more info on Catherine and her plans for the future, you can email her.

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