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ArtistWorkshop LeaderPerformerDemonstratorWriterGamingClothingSteampunk EphemeraFantasy EphemeraSci-Fi EphemeraFood / DrinkJewelleryOther (Please describe in next box)

Full Size Pitch, Trading on 1 Side, includes 2 x Traders Wristbands (3m x 3m) £250Corner Pitch, Trading on 2 Sides, includes 2 x Trader Wristbands (3m x 3m) £280End Cap Pitch, Trading on 3 Sides, includes 4 x Trader Wristbands (6m x 3m) £475Half Size, Shared Pitch, includes 1 x Trader Wristband (1.5m frontage) £140I am unsure of which pitch I require and would like to further discuss with the organisers

I do not require any additionsSingle Folding Chair (£3)2 Folding Chairs (£6)Single Folding Table (£6)2 Folding Tables (£12)Up to 1KW Power (£40)Over 1KW Power (Price to be negotiated with organisers)1 x Additional Trader Wristband (£10)2 x Additional Trader Wristbands (£20)