Crowdfunding for Eastbourne feature Film “13 Graves” Feature Film begins tomorrow

Director John Langridge has chosen Eastbourne to be the base for Drop Dead Films’ first feature film, “13 Graves”. Drop Dead Films started life two years ago, when John and his partner Emily Wells identified a wealth of underused talent in Eastbourne. They decided to dedicate Drop Dead Films to making great films in the local area.

13 Graves

13 Graves is a low budget folk-horror film, currently scheduled to film on location in East Sussex from late October. The story focuses on Frank and Terry, two hit-men, who, while disposing of their latest victim, are stalked by a malevolent supernatural force.

13 GRAVES poster

Some things are best left buried

An Eastbourne Production

Langridge is keen to engage with and involve the local community, so that Eastbourne benefits from the extra business that filming a feature film can bring to the town. Eighty percent of the crew will be from Eastbourne and the surrounding area.
The process will also create a two-way interactive relationship. In opening up the project to crowdfunding, individual and corporate investors can get involved with the film and benefit directly from its production.

The first casting decision Langridge took was to cast local professional actor and Wyntercon’s very own presenter Greg Draven as The Woodsman. Subsequently, Draven has also become an Associate Producer on the project.

Greg said, “This is a great opportunity for Eastbourne to be put on the feature filmmaking map. I’m incredibly excited to have been cast as the antagonist. When I first met John [Langridge] he said he wanted to see me play a bad guy role – and here we are. I can’t wait”.

Greg Draven as The Woodsman

Greg Draven as The Woodsman

Also part of the film is new Eastbournian and Wyntercon favourite, Jon Campling, and Gareth Wildig, who lives in Hastings. The three actors have helped to create the teaser trailer for the film, and more roles will be announced shortly.

Jon Campling as Len

Jon Campling as Len

13 Graves Crowdfunder

The crowdfunding project starts on Friday 1st September at 7 pm and runs for 30 days. There will be live stream of the launch on the Facebook page.
Contributions range from £5 to £10k, each level of donation awards the contributor with a perk in return for their support.

Some of the awesome perks are highly limited and exclusive; from being entered into a raffle for two tickets to the first public screening, up to receiving credit as an Executive Producer.
You can be an extra in the film, name a minor character or receive a prop from the shoot.

One of the best perks, is the opportunity to visit the set on Halloween for a tour. Here, you’ll meet The Woodsman and stand at the monitor with the director to call ‘Action’ and ‘Cut’.
This will be followed by an informal shindig. The highest level of contributor can receive tickets for the premiere screening in London.

If people can’t contribute financially, sharing, liking or re-tweeting our posts will help the project. Help them to spread the word, and help achieve their goal.   

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